Who are you walking ON?

Who are you walking ON?

This presentation will take forensic science into the cemeteries, old and new, with amazing forensic discoveries.  We will use simple methods to read the inscriptions on old grave stones. New forensics will demonstrate ways to locate and gender the long dead. Our research data base covered 500 marked graves including buried cremations (human ashes) and graves dating back 1200 years.

Our team has located over 3,000 unmarked graves and determined the gender and age. The City of Sevierville asked our team to scan the Riverside/McMahan Cemetery between the new fire station and Sevier County High on Dolly Parton Parkway. This cemetery revealed 410 unmarked graves. Three graves revealed infant males buried with adult females. We did verify an adult female is in the Beloved Nancy Ward’s grave and located the grave of her grandson (Chief Jack Walker) who betrayed his people during the Trail of Tears. We also located the grave of Sarah Hawkins Sevier, wife of Captain John Sevier. A lost mass grave was located in Bean Station indicating 15 adult males killed during the Battle of Bean Station in December 1863. The possible location of The Battle of Boyd’s Creek was located with the imprint of 18 adult males in a semi circle in the Boyd’s Creek Community. Recently identified a lost Native American Mound near Sevierville with 12 adult males with back toward the center as though they were guarding something important. I just finished one where TVA moved 11 graves in 1942 for Douglas Lake, the owner wanted to know if they were moved or TVA just said they were moved to a new location near Dandridge. The list goes on and on of the lost graves we have located all over East Tennessee.

Our team was also requested in a missing person investigation and was able to pinpoint his location for recovery. Another was a missing child who disappeared 36 years ago. We located evidence and human remains in only ten minutes. This is an ongoing active criminal investigation. We have requests in two more missing person cases one dating back over twenty years.

Come visit, see, learn and ponder much! We are thankful and blessed as this was inspired by God.

Art Bohanan

April 2022