Bio – Elizabeth Ann Krispin

Elizabeth with a BS in Geological Engineering and an MS in Industrial, began her long career at ORNL in 1993 with Martin Marietta.  Over the years, she has served in a variety of Project Management roles.  For 15 years, she served as Project Manager for multiple Melton Valley Environmental Remediation Projects to include the Melton Valley RI/FS, and Melton Valley Record of Decision Document, the SWSA 4 Burial Ground Closure, the Pits 6 and 7 Stabilization and the Old Hydrofracture Project Closure, among others.

Elizabeth, then began a second phase of her career, where, working for UT-B, she managed multiple Nuclear Nonproliferation Projects, traveling to Moscow and Siberia 20 times in 5 short years.

Following these assignments, Elizabeth arrived in Facilities & Operations at ORNL. She began her Facilities work affiliated with the Facilities Strategic Planning Group. In the Strategic Planning group she worked initially to support office moves, then edited the 2014 Site Wide Master Plan, now manages the Site Use and Planning Committee and supports ORNL Historic Preservation. She has enjoyed her career here at ORNL, from Environmental Restoration, to Nuclear Nonproliferation now in Facilities & Operations.  She is particularly fond of, and interested in, the important historical legacy of this amazing place in the mountains and valleys of Eastern Tennessee.