Bio – Amy Mays Emert

Amy Mays Emert is a professional Genealogist with over twenty-four years of personal, professional, and pro bono research experience. She has two degrees from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville: a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Historical Archaeology, and a Master of Science degree in Teacher Education. Amy is the Historian for both the Friends of Cavett Station and the Cavett Station Chapter, NSDAR, and she is the Genealogist for the Veterans Heritage Site Foundation. She holds memberships with the Tennessee Historical Society, the East Tennessee Historical Society, the First Families of Tennessee, and the Civil War Families of Tennessee. Amy has written and published two books about Mars Hill Cemetery, and had several articles printed in Tennessee Ancestors, the publication of the East Tennessee Historical Society. 


Amy’s book The Veterans of Mars Hill Cemetery is $25 and the big book Mars Hill Cemetery at Historic Cavett’s Station: Biographies and Stories of the Men, Women, and Children Interred in Mars Hill Cemetery is $40. They are available from me, signed of course, and on Amazon (the big book is $50 on Amazon).

seean: My Direct Lineage to William Mays and His Wife Lydia Witt Mays. Powell, TN: Amy Mays Emert.

Emert, Amy Mays. (2014) My German Roots: My Direct Lineage to Ulrich Keener, an Immigrant from Germany to America. Powell, TN: Amy Mays Emert.